Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins

Dear Tony,

This is what I can do for you, too, if you let me:

Welcome! This page is known to you personally. I would love to share my knowledge and experience with you. I enjoyed your film very much. Lately I did a seminar by your friend, Joseph McLandon III, which was very inspiring and empowering.


Through Joseph you will receive or already have received my book, which hasn’t been translated into English yet. But a translation is on its way!

Please know my vocal method has its roots firmly set into the latest neuropsychology and voice science. It allows me to take a lot of shortcuts and get to the point straight away, without doing scale exercises. Like you say, change happens in an instant. That goes for my method as well. Think about it. It’s the way you use your voice that defines the sound of it. Change the way you use it, and you will change the sound.  You might even reverse a lot of damage;  the cells making up the tissue of your voice are being renewed so many times, Changing your technique will make the difference. I can help you doing that..

You helped so many people, I think it’s only fair I would help you to straighten out your voice. To get the basics of my approach set up, and get immediate results, it wouldn’t take more than just a few sessions.

On the rest of this site you’ll find many examples of people that get instant and clearly notable results by only short coachings. If you like, I’ll gladly send you a login code to watch them all!

Call me anytime at +31629093295 (or whatsapp)

or mail me at


Alfons Verreijt

Session 1: about compression and tension

Session 2: (dis)connecting the breath support with your compression 


Last video: ending the first series, talking about follow up… 

In case you have any questions, do not hesitate to call, skype or mail.

Untill then: take care of yourself and your voice!

to contact me:

EMAIL: vocalfons





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